About us

Project Syndicate is an international association of quality newspapers devoted to:

  • bringing distinguished voices from across the world to local audiences everywhere;
  • strengthening the independence of printed media in transition and developing countries as well as upgrading their journalistic, editorial, and business capacities.

Project Syndicate now consists of 173 newspapers in 91 countries, with a total circulation of over 30,377,838 copies. Its activities fall into three broad categories:

  • publishing the highest quality commentaries and news analysis in its member papers;
  • fostering institutional links among member papers;
  • assisting member papers through a variety of training and advisory programs.

Project Syndicate is a not-for-profit institution. Financial contributions from member papers in developed countries support the services provided by Project Syndicate free of charge to its members in less advanced economies. Additional funding comes from the Open Society Institute, the Atlantic Foundation, and Die Zeit Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius Foundation.

Anders Aslund, Hans Bergstrom, Christoph Bertram, Michael Ehrenreich, Marcin Krol, Norman Manea, William Newton-Smith (Chairman), Jeffrey Sachs


Roman Frydman, Kenneth Murphy, Andrzej Rapaczynski,
Jonathan Stein (Associate Editor)


Monthly Commentators
J. Bradford DeLong: Anatomy of the Global Economy; Ralf Dahrendorf: Against the Current; Jeffrey Sachs: Economics and Equality, Joseph Stiglitz: I Dissent: Unconventional Economic Wisdom, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi: A Transatlantic Perspective

Series Editors
Carroll Bogert (International Editor), Jorge Braga-de-Macedo (Development), Clifford Chanin (Islam), Lydia Chavez (Latin America), Brigitte Granville (Economics), Nina Khrushcheva (Windows on Russia), Krzysztof Michalski (The Worldly Philosophers), Dani Rodrik (The Growth Frontier), Joanna Rose (Medicine, Science), Orville Schell (China Stands Up), Sara Sievers (Into Africa), Andrew Spielman (Health and Medicine), Niels Thygesen (European Economies)

Prague office
Emily Bolon (Global Relations Manager), Nicolas Chatara-Morse (Global Relations Manager),Jeremy Hurewitz (Head of the Prague Office), Jiří Pavlovský (IT),
Brian Kimberling (Publishing Associate), Tomáš Nagy (Financial Officer)

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